Just use some common sense. Seriously.

A recent report came out that heavier people might have a lower mortality rate of 5-6%, which was published by the Centers for Disease Control. I first read about this report in the Wall Street Journal and then read an opinion piece today about this report in the New York Times written by a law professor (Paul Campos) at the University of Colorado. Lots of confusing info there.

Mr. Campos basically criticizes the CDC (government) when they state 7 out of 10 Americans are overweight. He suggests that we redefine (make higher) what a normal weight is for a man and a woman in America. Mary, Joseph and Jesus.

I do agree that many Americans are obsessed over their weight and that use of BMI is not very accurate. But I disagree that we don’t have a weight problem here in the U.S. What Mr. Campos didn’t catch was the analysis in the report states that overweight people MAY have lower mortality rate because they get better medical care from showing symptoms of DISEASE earlier, or because they are screened more regularly for chronic diseases that stems from being overweight (such as diabetes or heart problems).

Don’t be so quick to accept deceptive arguments because they make you feel better. There is a limit to your weight and it will become hazardous to your health if it gets too high.


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