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A community gives you a sense of purpose and confidence.

I recently decided to join Seth Godin’s altMBA program as part of the inaugural class (a community limited to 100). We are part of an “experiment” because the altMBA concept is new for Seth Godin’s team too.  It was a bit scary going through the decision making process to accept or not from my perspective.

There were a ton of excuses I could have used and I am glad I made the leap. So far I have met some wonderful and creative people, with different perspectives, and all passionate about what they do. The one thing we have in common is that we want to make a positive impact.

We work together in small groups each week (4-5 people) and will have 13 assignments to complete in one month. If you did the math, that is 3 assignments per week with a specific deadline! We collaborate and give feedback to each other before turning in our individual projects. Then we get extra feedback from others after the project is “live.” Here’s the first project that I “shipped” – You Shouldn’t Base Decisions on Drunk Costs and Other Distractions.

This is good for my brain and I like a challenge. Challenge Accepted!



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