That Blank Page

I’m sure you’re familiar with the blank page analogy. It’s supposed to help you focus. (Thanks for the reminder Seth Godin.

I like to imagine that a blank page is similar to a map with faint lines, hinting at mountains and rivers, but without details. This represents your life, full of potential paths and unexplored territories.

Both metaphors encourage focus, but in different ways.

The blank page compels you to prioritize – what do you want to write on this page of your life? The unrolling map reminds you to focus on your internal compass, aligning your values and passions with the path ahead.

At this chapter in my life, I like to embrace the freedom to explore, using that inner compass for guidance. 

  • Embracing the Unknown: Venture beyond familiar paths and discover new possibilities.
  • Focusing on Your Compass: You still have a compass – your values, passions, and goals. These guide you to help choose direction when faced with options.
  • Drawing Your Own Route: Set your own goals and pursue experiences that resonate with you. Don’t be afraid to deviate from the expected course – sometimes the most fulfilling journeys are off the beaten track.
  • Adding Details as You Go: You learn from experiences and can adjust your course. Every encounter, every lesson becomes a detail added to the map, enriching the narrative of your life.

Remember, the journey itself is the story you’re creating.

It’s also recommended to check out the Full Focus platform (founded by Michael Hyatt) and learn more about Your Life Focus Journey.

If it feels like your life map is currently repetitive or vague, what is one direction you’d like to explore first?


Marc Scheff shares his journey of experiencing a significant life change during COVID that led him to coaching. This allowed him to create a supportive environment for change.

  • overcoming challenges and finding one’s purpose through creative exercises
  • foster creativity and purpose
  • helping individuals and leaders make profound life and career shifts

Watch the episode, Embracing Transformation and Creativity, on YouTube or listen on your favorite podcast platform. 

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