Boost your mental health with these affordable tips for better sleep

As part of my health advocacy, one topic that I focus a lot on is how to deal with chronic stress. 

Lack of sleep is often connected to chronic stress and mental health issues. I appreciate Cheryl Conklin sharing her perspective and better sleep tips provided below. You can learn more about Cheryl at  Wellness Central.

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Sufficient sleep is an essential part of mental health. A good night’s rest allows your brain and body to recharge, and can help keep issues like depression and anxiety at bay. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommend that adults aged 18 to 64 get at least seven hours of sleep every night. If you find it difficult to reach this goal because you’re constantly tossing and turning, take action.

Follow the tips below and you’ll be able to fall asleep faster and sleep deeper, without needing to stretch your budget.


Reconfigure your bedtime routine to reduce stress

If you find that your brain is buzzing with stressful thoughts and keeping you up at night, rethink your bedtime routine. Stress is bad for your mental health and impedes sleep. Cut down on use of screens, like tablets and phones, before bed. Harvard reports that the blue light these devices emit boosts attention and reaction times. While this is handy during the day, it can be disruptive when your body is preparing to wind down at night. Instead of mindlessly scrolling through social media, try reading a book or taking a hot shower or bath to relax.

A hot soak before bed improves your sleep because it raises the body’s temperature. As the body subsequently cools, you’ll feel yourself naturally getting sleepy. Other relaxing pre-bedtime routines that can prove soothing include listening to calming music, meditating, or stretching.


Eliminate extraneous light to ensure uninterrupted sleep

Make sure your bedroom is free of any light at night to ensure a solid night of uninterrupted sleep. Darkness is important to sleep as the absence of light signals to the brain and the body that it’s time to rest. If your body detects light in sleep, it may not fall into as deep of a resting state. You won’t necessarily wake up but the quality of your Z’s will be lessened.

Even a small amount of light coming in through the blinds can have an impact. Get affordable black-out shutters, or if that’s out of reach financially, simply hang a heavy blanket over the window to keep all light out.


Find deals on tools that will make your space more sleep-friendly

There are many modern tools that you can get to enhance your sleep. Say you notice yourself waking up at night because of cars or barking dogs outside. A white noise machine may be the solution. This plays a steady hum of sound, blocking out extraneous noises from the outside world. You can also get devices that play sounds to help you relax, like rainfall or ocean waves.

If you find yourself waking up with a stuffy nose, dry eyes, or itchy throat, an air purifier may be a worthwhile investment. Another great purchase is a wake-up light, which slowly wakes you up instead of jerking you out of sleep. You don’t have to pay big bucks for such sleep aids: Look for promo codes and cashback deals on websites such as Macys at Rakuten, allowing you to save while still shopping with your favorite retailers.


Look to affordable natural remedies to help you wind down

If you’re shopping for tech gadgets to help you sleep, you might also consider getting a budget-friendly oil diffuser. This allows you to make use of essential oils to enhance sleep. Aromas like lavender are proven to incite feelings of calm and relaxation.

Another natural remedy you can try is chamomile tea. It’s recognized as an all-natural insomnia cure and sipping a cup before bedtime can help you drift off peacefully. If you’re still struggling, you might try melatonin supplements. Melatonin is a hormone that signals to the body that it’s time to sleep.


With these affordable guidelines, you should find it easier to reach your goal of at least seven hours of sleep every night. You will feel more refreshed when you wake up as a result. When you’re not feeling fatigued, you will also find your mental health easier to maintain.

Wellness is central to a happy life.


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