Kale is the new spinach!

“Kale is the new spinach.” I first heard that line while watching Modern Family the other night and it made me laugh. Kale has been part of my family’s regular diet for awhile now. And ironically, we have been eating less spinach at home the past year. Must be that kale is the new “hip” healthy thing to eat and we didn’t know it.

When my youngest son was a toddler, he would eat the “garnish” first that was served with his meal while dining out. That garnish was kale by the way. I think he was just trying to gross out his brother. It has a bitter taste, but is packed with powerful nutrients and antioxidants.

There are so many ways to serve this hearty green…chopped for a salad, stir-fry, soup, even juiced. My family’s favorite way to eat it is as a salad…chopped up, drizzle olive oil and fresh lemon juice on it, and mix in sliced grape tomatoes and calamata olives.

Here’s a great link to “World’s Healthiest Foods” that details the benefits of eating kale. Bon Appetit!



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