Motivation Mojo

Movement and exercise is at the top of my goal list.

For many people, maintaining consistency in exercise can be a challenge. 

The allure of just sitting on the couch can overshadow putting on your shoes for a walk outside or getting on the treadmill. I’ve learned that adding some creativity to a workout will make it fun. Imagine adding a dose of excitement into your routine, turning each workout into an adventure

I mention in my book, Move For You, that including some form of technology can be a movement motivator. Let’s talk about The Conqueror Events and how it can help you reignite your “Motivation Mojo.” 

Unlocking Motivation with Virtual Fitness Challenges. The virtual challenges are designed to add a twist to your regular exercise routine, turning mundane miles into a journey of conquest.  

  • Personalized Challenges for Every Fitness Level: It offers a variety of challenges tailored to different fitness levels and interests. These challenges can provide a sense of purpose beyond mere exercise.
  • Flexible Timeframes: It empowers you to complete challenges at your own pace, fitting seamlessly into your daily routine. These challenges adapt to your lifestyle, making consistency more achievable.
  • Solo or Team Triumphs: Fitness is a journey best shared. The Conqueror allows you to team up with friends, family, or fellow enthusiasts to conquer challenges together. This not only enhances motivation but also fosters a sense of camaraderie and friendly competition.

The Conqueror offers an intuitive mobile app and website. You can connect other favorite fitness apps or manually log your running, walking, cycling, or other distances easily. The app not only tracks your progress but also provides a visual representation of your virtual journey, keeping you engaged and motivated throughout.

My first challenge will be the Vietnam Coast. 😊

How You Can Get Started:

  • Visit and explore the exciting range of challenges available.
  • Choose a challenge that resonates with your fitness goals and interests.
  • Download “The Conqueror” mobile app or use the website to log your activities.
  • Sync your favorite fitness apps to automatically track your progress.

Embrace the adventure!


Keith Day shares his journey of overcoming chronic pain and depression. From the struggle to diagnosis and the challenges faced, Keith sheds light on the importance of taking control of one’s health.

  • He shares his experience of regaining control over his life after facing debilitating neuropathy, highlighting the importance of research, and being proactive in healthcare decisions.
  • The impact on mental health.
  • He’s also working on an upcoming trilogy of books on this topic.

Watch the episode, Neuropathy Warrior: A Journey to Health and Hope, on YouTube or listen on your favorite podcast platform. 


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