The World Needs More Love

Negativity surrounds us—on the news, in our daily interactions, and within the broader global landscape. Life is also full of ups and downs. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the challenges we face, but it’s in these moments that the power of love shines brightest. 

In a world that often feels turbulent and chaotic, the month of February has an emphasis on love, and this presents an opportunity to actively cultivate compassion and kindness.

This month also marks Cancer Prevention Month, serving as a reminder that life is fragile. In addition to expressing love, we should encourage our loved ones to prioritize regular checkups and screenings. Conversations like this can be life-saving because early detection plays a crucial role in preventing and treating serious illnesses. You know someone who has dealt with cancer.

I’m still here because of that due diligence.

Here’s some Practical Steps to Spread Compassion:

  1. Express Your Feelings: Take a moment to verbally express your love and appreciation to those close to you. A simple “I love you” or a note of gratitude can brighten someone’s day and strengthen your connection.
  2. Random Acts of Kindness: Incorporate small, daily acts of kindness into your routine. Whether it’s holding the door for a stranger, offering a compliment, or surprising someone with a thoughtful gesture, these actions create a positive ripple effect.
  3. Active Listening: Practice active listening during conversations. Truly understanding someone’s perspective fosters empathy and deepens connections. Be present and attentive, allowing meaningful communication to thrive.
  4. Volunteer or Donate: Allocate time or resources to a cause you care about. Volunteering not only contributes to the well-being of others but also provides a sense of fulfillment and purpose, amplifying the love you share.
  5. Encourage Health Awareness: Use the platform of Cancer Prevention Month to initiate conversations about health. Remind loved ones to prioritize regular checkups and screenings, demonstrating your concern for their well-being is an expression of love.
  6. Cultivate Self-Love: Remember that spreading love starts with yourself. Practice self-compassion and self-care, nurturing your well-being. You become better equipped to share love with others by taking care of yourself.

Let this month be a call to action. Spread love, kindness, and concern for one another. Together we can create a more compassionate and resilient world—one where love becomes the guiding force that unites us all.

Daily Small victories will lead to a big one in the future.


🌟 Get ready for some serious girl power! 🌟

Chrisette Michele, a Grammy Award winning and successful R&B artist who has experienced her share of ups and downs, joins the Real Things Living podcast as a guest.  

  • The episode focuses on the importance of resilience, self-acceptance, and how grounding and humor can play a role in overcoming personal and professional challenges.
  • She discusses her career in music, a transition from jazz to R&B; and shares what motivated her to start the podcast ‘Comeback Sis’, an initiative to help other women who have felt publicly condemned or rejected. 
  • She also talks about the perception of her ‘break’ from the industry, due to being shamed on social media for participating in Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Watch the episode, Inspiring Women and Their Journey to Success, on YouTube or listen on your favorite podcast platform. 


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