Warm your tummy

Brrrr – it’s been so cold out lately, it makes you want to hibernate! It’s also the time of year when a big bowl of hot soup is justified.

Eating a healthy diet and being balanced is important to me, so we’re always testing in the kitchen.  We make the usual soups in the winter – variations of stew, chili, gumbo, chicken and tomato soup. I also like to eat lentil soup – but seems to not be a favorite with the others in the household (all males…).

Recently I discovered a great recipe from the Chopra Center website. And my new favorite soup this winter is pumpkin soup. Yes pumpkin soup. What brought me to it was after taking an online quiz to determine my ‘dosha’ for better balance. Dosha is the Ayurvedic term of the 3 energies (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) that circulate in our bodies and govern physiological movement…basically your body type. Apparently I am predominately a Vata – it means light, quick and changeable. Vatas love excitement and new experiences; they are energetic, creative, and flexible when in balance.

Here’s the original pumpkin soup recipe I recommend you try. http://www.chopra.com/ccl/whats-cookin-vata-friendly-pumpkin-soup-recipe

Brig.PumpkinSoupAs usual, a few tweaks were made after preparing a few times (Brigittized version in photo). Got me hooked and warms my tummy.


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